The UBUNTU Project

Seeds for Opportunity

The UBUNTU Project

We are living through a global crisis whose real impact is yet to reveal itself. As humans, we have learned that our most significant challenges nurture the seeds for enormous opportunities. The African word “UBUNTU” means “I am because you are”. It reminds us of our shared humanity. South Africa is in lockdown, and many of those living in informal settlements and the townships are incredibly vulnerable. Countless numbers of people are living in cramped conditions, unable to earn the very basics that would tipically put some food on the table. Food security means so much more than food on the table. It touches the core of human dignity. Having no food poses all sort of risks, not just economic but social. Increased violence within the houshold is only one consecuence. On the other side, farmers are sitting on fresh products, unable to bring it to their usual markets.

How do we solve this challenge?

Through our database at the Green Business College, we are collaborating with 23 permaculture farmers to provide food packages to the most vulnerable in their communities. A family will receive a box of fresh produce, dried beans, eggs, soap, two packets of seeds, 50 seedlings, and 20kg of compost.

Included is information in local languages on how to look after seedlings, how to create more food from waste and compost. In effect, each family will be able to create a food garden. We will continue to offer food packages as the weeks go by as it will take time for seedlings to produce. We will create a database so that there is a record of who received what, and with a Whatsapp group the farmers will support the families as they grow their gardens.

The cost of a starter food package for a family of 5 is R350. With honey, add R80. The cost of just a fresh product package is R220.

To participate please send your contribution with the reference: UBUNTU

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