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We believe that everyone has potential but not everyone has the opportunity to realise it. At SEED Community the focus of every project we engage in is to create and cultivate pathways to education, providing the opportunity for people to realise their full potential.

A dedicated health, wellbeing, and lifestyle brand driven by diversity for black indigenous and women of colour.
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Over the past six years, GirlZtalk has grown to be the biggest online platform in Southern Africa. We are so grateful to our community for sharing this extraordinary journey. As we are all growing up and evolving, we thought the time was ripe for a change. Since October 2020, is our new online platform.

SEED Loans: know all about them

Since 2011, Seed Community has provided bright, young women from vulnerable backgrounds interest free, higher education study and expenses loans. Today we continue to provide educational loans to our graduates and their families.
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Seed Loans

Since 2011, Seed Community has provided bright, young women from vulnerable backgrounds interest free, higher education study and expenses loans. In 2017 we celebrated a 100% success rate with no dropouts and all graduates gaining meaningful employment.

The UBUNTU Project: helping vulnerable communities in times of COVID-19

Established in Johannesburg during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the Ubuntu Project continues to make it possible for everyone to enjoy the freshest organic produce.
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The UBUNTU Project

We are living through a global crisis whose real impact is yet to reveal itself. As humans, we have learned that our most significant challenges nurture the seeds for enormous opportunities. We are collaborating with 23 permaculture farmers to provide seedlings, compost and food boxes to the most vulnerable in their communities. In effect each recipient will be able to start their own food garden.

GirlZtalk: The Documentary

Today we have evolved but we are proud to present one of our most cherished projects under the old GirlzTalk umbrella, our Documentary.
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The Documentary is now, but we are really proud of our first project. Our award winning documentary that sparked the GirlZtalk movement. Here, we share what it means to be a girl growing up in South Africa today.

Green Business College: the place to grant you a future

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The Green Business College

In October 2020 we sold the Green Business College and it continues in the very capable hands of Matshepiso Mohakabane. The college continues to hold courses for future african green entrepreneurs through the Green Business College pool. Their courses are all related to a green, sustainable philosophy, ranging from Bee KeepingPermaculture to Food preservation.

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SEED Community is a UK Registered Charity (Number: 1142652).
We are in Victoria Yards: 24 Victoria Rd, Lorentzville, Johannesburg, 2094, South Africa is our parallel project is a directory of sustainable companies, and a platform for a better, brighter, more sustainable world and future.
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