Seed Community Uptimistic Linguistics™ Communication and Mentor Training

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Seed Community Uptimistic Linguistics™ Communication and Mentor Training

A course to enhance communication to elicit positive outcomes especially when dealing with conflict.
This course is designed for those in positions of Leadership, Management, Education, Mentoring and Training and for those assisting in the development of organisations, teams, pupils and individuals.

The aim is to inspire a shift in ourselves, in our schools, in the workplace, and in our society from an  authoritarian ‘power over’ approach, which is de-motivating and feels coercive, to a ‘power with’ approach, which is motivating, supportive and elicits self-directed learning and living.

From the personal application with peers, friends, family and partners this transformational approach appeals to the global move towards social justice and equality. This practical, experiential training and facilitation  approach utilises the Uptimistic Linguistics™ methodology.

You will see, hear, and feel it in action.

About the Trainer:

Rivca Rubin (, CEO of Imag?ne – a UK based organisation, providing training, facilitation and mediation and coaching, has developed Uptimistic Linguistics™ and will be delivering this 5 day intensive course in 2 blocks.

With over 25 years of experience in the field of leadership, learning, communication and behaviour, she has worked with people in all industries including the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) British Film Industry (BFI), the National Health Service (NHS) to mention just a few.

Background and Rationale:

As individuals and as global citizens, our aim is to contribute to a more nurturing world that fosters harmony, prosperity, safety, self-actualisation, equality, fairness and increased peace amongst ourselves, and the broader global community.

Often, our old habits of authoritarian thinking, which manifest in insensitive actions and comments, commands and evaluations, reduce or even shut-down our own and other people’s motivation, self-esteem, confidence, desire to learn, co-operation and ability to take responsibility. When we feel forced to obey, rather than choose to agree, we feel powerless and manipulated and we can turn into victims of circumstance. Obedience to authority is dangerous and has caused much harm in relationships, families, at work and in the world.

As leaders and educators, we want to do our best to nurture the development of others so that they can become self-determined, fair and resilient, with a free will to choose to do good for themselves and for others.

We can observe that co-operation and joined-up thinking is starting to replace living driven by competition, failure and fear. The old fashioned disciplinarian approaches are no longer in harmony with an inclusive society, which is striving towards true equality, irrespective of age, gender, race,sexual orientation, ability or status, so we require a fresh approach to how we think, speak and act towards ourselves and one another.

The vision for this training:

The vision for the Seed Community Mentoring and Communication Training is to facilitate and nurture a future generation of emotionally intelligent, self-aware adults with high self-esteem, who are responsible, empathetic and compassionate with a comprehensive understanding of how conflict is created, how to minimise it and how to address it when it arises.

Aim of the Training:

  • To equip anyone in the privileged position of facilitating and nurturing other
    people’s development with new skills; to educate, to mentor, to support or
    to advise, with a fresh and appropriate methodology to achieve better results, and with much less frustration.
  • To provide practitioners in a variety of contexts with the skills and expertise
    to mentor mentees at all levels in an organisation.


Learning objectives and outcomes:

The main objectives of the training are for participants to:

  • Gain a thorough grasp and be able to use confidently and with ease
    – The GROW model for mentoring and group facilitation
    – Clean coaching approach and techniques for mentoring, educating
    and supporting students and peers
  • Understanding the principles of Uptimistic Linguistics™ – Recognise how the concepts Power-Over or Power-With manifest linguistically in communication and behaviour.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the impact of ‘Liberating Language’ (power with) and the impact of ‘Authoritarian Language’ (power over). In particular the words, phrases and concepts which are – to ourselves and others:

– Motivating or Demotivating
– Helpful or Harmful
– Liberating or Restrictive
– Inspiring or Demoralising
– Coercive or Choice-inspiring

  • Understand how to
    – Engage groups and individuals in what you would like to offer them
    – Re-evoke passion in learning, living, focus, self-discipline
    – Deal constructively with Conflict or Challenging Conversations
    – Access and maintain a resourceful state in any situation
    – Assist others to grow their self-esteem, confidence, emotional intelligence and agency
    – Give feedback that inspires development and action
    – Receive badly given feedback constructively
    – Shift limiting beliefs and replace them with enabling thinking
    – Align language and actions with ethos
    – Work towards fairness and equality
  • Be equipped to facilitate
    – Someone else’s own rigorous thinking, eliciting their own dreams,
    goals, outcomes, impact, benefits, direction, exploitation of issues,
    idea generation, solution finding, decision making, options, strategies and actions
    – Visioning, goal setting, creating thinking for entrepreneurial endeavours
    – Individuals and groups to solve conflicts and have challenging conversations constructively
    – Understanding of self and other people (what drives actions and
    behaviours) and how to get the most from both
    – A yield in others

Venue training:

– The GreenHouse People’s Environmental Centre, Junction of Klein and Wolmarans Street, Joubert Park, Johannesburg (secure parking available)


R9000(VAT incl.) – inclusive of the following:

  • All days of training with light lunch and refreshments provided
  • Individual follow up sessions
  • All course material


– This is a certificated course registered under Uptimistic Linguistics™

Language medium:


Dates of Training :

– 4th -6th of October 2016: hosted by Rivca Rubin and Seed Community Imagineers
– group follow up Morning or afternoon session – time to be decided during
the first training.
– 16th -17th of February: hosted by Rivca Rubin and Seed Community Imagineers
– In between Seed Community will host a series of individual feedback training sessions based on practical work done by participants – Timings to be

Time of Training: 9h00 – 16h00
Registration dates: 12 – 30 September 2016
Module content: Module 1 (CGSL01-R)

  1. Mentoring, guidance and support
  2. Contextualising mentoring and learner support
  3. Types of mentoring
  4. Benefits and importance of mentoring
  5. Mentoring and coaching
  6. Mentoring relationships
  7. Mentoring skills
  8. Identification of mentoring needs (talent management)
  9. Identification of mentors and menses
  10. Matching mentors and mentees
  11. Mentoring styles and strategies
  12. Organising training for mentors
  13. Roles and responsibilities, values & attitudes of mentors and mentees
  14. Mentoring models
  15. Developing a mentoring system
  16. Managing a mentoring system
  17. Evaluation, documenting and reporting on mentoring
  18. Legislative and policy context
  19. Maintaining mentoring programmes
  20. Mentoring and IKS/Ubuntu
  21. Forms of practice which pay particular attention to equity in terms of race, gender, etc

Training Methodology:

Tutoring is by means of a 3 day face-to-face training, distance learning combined with experiential workplace learning, comprehensive course notes and tutorial letters

Training Implementers:

– The programme has been procured and presented by SEEDCommunity SA/ Johannesburg. It will be designed and delivered by Rivca Rubin of Imag?ne, and forms part of the global G.E.M. Programme. SEEDCommunity is  commissioning this training and is pioneering and growing this approach in Johannesburg/SA.
– The pilot programme will be be co-delivered by Rivca Rubin ( with the Seed Community  Imag?neers, and in the longer term by Mentors who will have been trained by Rivca Rubin to be the future Imag?

For more information, please contact Seed Community on 073 177 1817 or email