The GirlzTalk Project

About GirlZtalk

6The team at Seed Community believes that young women need a safe space to share our voices, to have access to vital information, and to be part of a supportive community to help each another reach our full potential.

We want to share our experiences, connect with girls and young women across South Africa and beyond so together we can be the change we want to see in the world.

So we created GirlZtalk!

Now every girl and young woman in South Africa has access to a safe space where they can share their stories, their dreams and hopes, and where they can be the person they want to be, without being judged.

GirlZtalk is a social Business and income raised helps the students working on the platforms, pay back their student study and expenses loans and contributes to the running of Seed Community. Welcome to THE place for girlZ across Mzansi! is our home online – It is the place where you can get advice on relationships, school, beauty, and much more – plus share your tips & dreams with others, enter creative writing challenges, and get the information you need to make intelligent choices.

Below you’ll find a handy list of ways you can get to on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Love, Team GirlZ ♥ works on ANY device with an internet connection! It’s been especially designed to load fast and be gentle on your data or airtime, whatever phone you’re using.

To find us on your phone, tablet, laptop or computer:

  • Go to in your internet browser
  • Or search for ”” using Google, Bing or your preferred search
  • Or add us on Facebook by searching for ”girlztalk” and following the link in the About section
  • Or follow us on Twitter @GirlztalkMobi

To add us on Mxit:

Go to Apps > Search > girlztalk > Add GirlZtalk

If you want to share with a friend via free email or sms, click ”Share GirlZtalk” or the share icon at the top or bottom of the site

GirlZtalk groups

laughsGirlZtalk groups are 100% free – and any girl can join!

GirlZtalk Groups are led by high school girls or young women from your community. They share our vision to give every girl the opportunity to share her voice and get support.

The aim of the Girlztalk groups is to bring girls together to have fun, and to share ideas and thoughts on issues that girls are facing.

We already have 7 awesome groups across South Africa!

Find out if there’s one near you.

Each week, the group receives a topic, with creative ideas on how the topic can be explored. Group members have discussions, play games, sing, dance… basically anything to help you share and express yourselves!

Our golden rule is: What is said in GirlZtalk stays in GirlZtalk.

The GirlZtalk team is on the end of the phone or email to answer any questions about making the most of your group, and will even visit you at least once a year.

We’ll be making sure all GirlZtalk groups across South Africa meet up at last once a year, too!

GirlZtalk’s Groups

We have 7 awesome Girlztalk groups in South Africa, and in Zimbabwe and Malawi.

1. Makhuba, Venda
2. Leyden, Limpopo
3. Rustenberg
4. Krugersdorp
5. Maharishi Institute, Johannesburg
6. Soweto, Johannesburg
7. Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

If you’d like to know how to join any of these groups, please email Dorah Marema:

No group near you? Check out how you can start your own group here.

Start up your own GirlZtalk group!

Seed girlIt’s really simple and here’s how!

If you are 12 or older, and a responsible member of your community who is passionate about making a difference for girls in your community, then we would be really excited to help you start up a GirlZtalk group.

There are just a few simple steps we need you to follow to make your GirlZtalk group official and to have it up and running.

Each Girlztalk group needs a leader, who is above the age of 12 and a strong role model in her community, and an advisor who is a trusted adult who can provide assistance and support to the group.

Your chosen leader and advisor will have to fill out a registration form and send it to us with a photocopy of ID. Once your application has received approval we will contact you.

Your Group will be officially recognised by GirlZtalk and we will send you our handbook so you can start right away.

If you’d like to apply, please email Dorah Marema:

We look forward to welcoming you to the GirlZtalk family!

Mentorship in Schools

IMG_2718Working with school learners and tertiary students in the inner city of Johannesburg, the GirlZtalk School Mentoring Programme is designed to provide positive and creative solutions to the issues students face, helping them to make informed choices.

We visit students on a weekly basis and spend a couple of hours exploring themes through discussions, games, song and dance.

All Seed students have been trained as mentors and receive ongoing training to ensure they are able to respond to the needs of the kids they are working with.

Our dedicated Seed Councellor, Dawn is also available to assist when needed.

The majority of the youth we engage are from financially disadvantaged communities where social issues abound. Unable to pay to participate, we invite companies and individuals to sponsor this work.

For R500 per year we can mentor a child each week during school term time.

In effect, one is not just sponsoring a student, but the support goes further, having a direct impact on the next generation of school leavers.

GirlZtalk Educational Theatre

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 09.01.08Theatre in Schools:

Tackling youth issues such as bullying, teenage pregnancies, HIV, violence and the stigma of sexuality through short drama pieces we offer schools a creative tool to explore the issues affecting school-aged girls and boys.

Kids are encouraged to take part in an open discussion about the issues explored providing them with the opportunity to share their own experiences and opinions.

As part of the programme a representative from an organization who deals specifically with the topic we are exploring is present to offer information from a professional perspective.

To find out more please contact Dorah Marema on

Theatre in the community:

We bring your message to life through theatre!

Our experienced theatre group is able to create theatrical productions taking your message into communities in a creative, emotive and memorable way.

Working with companies and NGO’s, such as Oxfam, we have successfully engaged communities providing a valuable and enjoyable experience for people to gain more understanding of issues that affect them most.

To find out more please contact Vuka at

GirlZtalk The film

“What does it mean to be a girl growing up in South Africa today?”

GirlZtalk is an award winning documentary, filmed in 2014 in South Africa by the internationally awarded photographer and filmmaker, Pep Bonet.

Based on a road trip taking 20 girls from the townships of Johannesburg into the rural heartland of South Africa, we put a face to the statistics that seem to be suffocating the voice of girls in every community of the country.

It is intimate journey documenting both the individual and communal voice of girls from an urban and rural perspective. We explore the realities of their lives and what hopes they have for the future as South Africa celebrates 20 years of democracy.

The film is an extension of our commitment to provide girls, from both rural and urban communities, a platform to share their voice.

Together with, GirlZtalk has been shown in communities and festivals throughout Southern Africa.

GirlZtalk is currently being distributed internationally by Journeyman Pictures.

Award: Best short Documentary at the Evolution International Film Festival